Tourism : Development and Environmental Protection Towards A lasting Harmony

Tourism and ecology go together. They are complimentary to each other. Tourism is a means of nation’s economic development. Tourism brings happiness and prosperity without injuring the ecology. The planned development of tourism conserves the ecology, natural and cultural heritage and is watchful towards cleanliness and health.

India has unlimited cultural and natural wealth for the curious tourists: the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas, roaring sea waves, sprawling forests, wild-life, Taj, Qutubminar, Red Fort, Khajuraho, Ajanta-Ellora and Varanasi the cultural capital. We have rare wealth for the tourist. But can we conserve them  in this race for development? Shall this good earth of ours, India, be able to maintain her charm and beauty? These questions make us dumb and raise a big question of identity, of unbroken culture, of handing over heritage to the future generations.

The ambitious materialist hammers about development and he chants this always. What kind of development? Development of luxury goods and machines or development of means to provide food to the increasing millions? He who climbs on the ladder of development knows not the last rung. We notice all that science has given us but we notice not what it has robbed us of. Iron jaws of machine have gobbled up the greenery and robbed the quietitude of the valleys. The shaman of development has hypnotized us with the herb of materialism. Our traditions, customs, festivals, and melas look obsolete. We are reduced to decorating our drawing room with synthetic flowers, electronic gadgets and cars determining our status. The soothing music of cataracts and cirping of birds is replaced by ear-splitting sound of powerful audio-systems in whose loud noise the mechanical man, sick of the fast life, finds refuge to relax.

Development has murdered our sensitivity. The culprit is science but judgment will go against man, for he alone is to blame for his destruction. Today man has insulted nature, who gave life to our ancestors. Worshipping Neem, Peepal, Tulsi is our expression of gratitude towards these boons of nature. We have seated the cow and  Ganga on the highest pedestal. We swear in their names most solemnly. But man crushing nature under his feet is denying the mutual harmony between nature, matter and science. Will she forgive us? We must ponder. Every creature on the earth is important. Nothing is without use. Nature maintains balance, which makes life possible. Unscrupulous exploitation is causing hot house effect. Erosion of earth and deforestation is raising sea level which may sink cities and affect adversely the monsoon season.

Nature has given us the protective shield of the atmosphere above which is the ozone layer. Poisonous gases, smoke carbon monoxide etc. are harming ozone. Damage to the ozone layer means exposure to ultraviolet rays that cause cancer and are a threat to life. We have to do something so that we are not cursed by the success of our progress. Let future generations enjoy the progress and thank us in this regard. Come to Varanasi our city, we have much to do and a long way to go. Movement of bureaucracy is notoriously slow unless each of us realize and share responsibility nothing will come. Our involvement should be selfless not egoistical and publicized so that we become responsible citizens.

Myriads of Indian and foreign tourists come to the Ganga. The believers bathe in her, take her holy water and even carry it home. What faith and reverence do they have ! The city filth despite filtering machine reaches her from many points. The tourist loves to move through the world famous lanes and alleys but dares not look below. Can we not clean some of these tourist frequented lanes? Providing a clean atmosphere and cleanliness is our moral responsibility. Every citizen of Varanasi should be made aware of this through seminars, film shows, plantations, cultural programs etc. So in this age of globalization we must not lose our identity but remain Banarasi pure and unadulterated.

The Free Movement Of Tourist Creates One World

In India, a developing nation, tourism plays a vital role in the economy. The Indian subcontinent has rich diversity of nature-from the parching desert of Rajasthan to the icy wind of Ladakh, several kinds of clothing, food habits and life styles. This is a land of many hues for which myriads of foreign tourists visit India. We treat them with affection and honour enshrined in our tradition of “Guest is God” in return for which we earn precious foreign currency and respect all over the world. Amid the arms race, the Indian citizens spread the message of peace and coexistence. When a tourist comes and understands the land of Buddha he realizes that India has spread the message of Buddhism in through out Asia. The ideal of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (the world is a family) shall one day translate it into action; tourism is the means to accomplish it.
When peoples of different lands meet, interact and make friends, such relationships foster brotherhood. When a country aims a missile out of ill-will at another country their own people inspired by the feeling of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam would turn it away. This is only possible when there is free and unhindered tourist traffic. And who is responsible for it, the Department of Tourism, World Tourism Organization or every citizen? Besides being Indian citizens we are also world citizen and along with rights we also have duties: we have to ponder how to make free tourist traffic possible and how can we thread the world together with flowers so fragrant with the feelings of love, compassion and amity.

Our hospitality and responsibility, begins the moment a foreign tourist steps into an Indian aircraft. The airhostesses with their smiles arouse curiosity and one becomes eager to reach India soon. The cuisine served to him allows him to taste food of different Indian states. At that very moment he realizes India’s diversity. Entering the Hotel he is welcomed by employees in colorful native, costumes and with the well planned program of travel agents; he is provided with a competent guide-cultural ambassador who takes him to different places. The guide answers his inquisitive questions. The tourist wants a welcome smile from people whom he meets in the city and wants to adjust himself to new places and surroundings. He takes interest in different things and enjoys them. Touring India is cheaper as compared to other countries and ours is a most beautiful countries. Our peoples, monuments, tradition, customs and cultural heritage leave a lasting impression on him and he returns to his land happy. Indian culture attracts him and binds him in some context. His impression of India is transmitted to his friends and relatives also. And thus one tourist is instrumental in sending many more to India.

But the coin has two sides. On the one hand tourism people are reaping benefit from their profession but on the other some unscrupulous people (out of selfishness, greed, want of patriotism and ignorance) are tarnishing the profession which also adversely affects the effort to bring the world together. Have we ever thought how much harm we inflict on the nation because of selfishness? We should spend sometime to think this over on World Tourism Day. Let us think about and remember our mistake known and unknown.

Occasionaly airlines fail to take tourists to their destination despite confirmed tickets. Sometimes they have to wait for hours for the airplanes. They also have to bear unpleasant behavior of hotel staff. Is it fair to send incompetent, lazy, careless guides to conduct a package tours, whether government or private. Charging $5 for a short distance drive on rickshaw is not proper. Exploiting foreign tourists for photographs at burning Ghat tarnishes country’s image. Callousness of cleaning staff undoes government slogan of “Keep India Clean” or  “Keep Kashi Clean.”

Attracted by tourism literature the foreign tourist comes to Varanasi to see its lanes which he finds dirty and stinking. The situation worsens when the bandaged lepers stop him to beg. When he stops at a shop to see goods he is surrounded by potty peddler and beggar children. Enjoying boat ride, looking at stately ghats he is perturbed by the stink of a dead body floating in the river. When a tourist hires a boat, the boat men charge exorbitantly. Sometimes an untrained guide shows some other temple and calls it Vishwanath.When a tourist wants to photograph the golden temple (Vishvanath temple )he is disappointed. At times the licensed guide becomes victim of police insolence because the general feeling is that every foreign tourist is rich and so is the guide. On this day we can not deny the relevance of the World Tourism Organization’s slogan “The free movement of tourist creates one world.” But how to spread this feeling among people is the question of the hour.

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