Tourism: A Means For Multifarious Development Of Personality

When we speak of personality, we name usually entire qualities and capabilities. Personality which is a psychological term has many virtues and tendencies which are required for a tour guide. A competent tour guide attempts at guiding with discretion (Viveka), pointing one in the right direction.Personality with discretion is a constant search for proper direction, so that the story of civilization is not incomplete. Today we have to face many challenges in life which tests our personality in many ways. To face the challenges one requires wide perspective,an open mind and a capability to make instant decisions, with patience, and courage. If one’s personality is lope-sided and is not in touch with many capabilities of life,one’s personality will be unbalanced. Such a person will be not successful in life lapsided. In all, one has to have a multifarious personality, which is the acme of personality growth.

Tourism is the medium through which our heritage survives. Our cultural tradition remains dynamic and free from conventionalism.  If reflects our social, cultural, and mental being. When we want to point out one who has little knowledge we call him a know-little Kupamanduka, a frog in a well that considers it the world. On the contrary he who travels abroad, meets different people, comes is contact with diverse cultures, rises above narrow mentality, this serves to break down walls of caste, religion, and nation. For that person it is easier to understand the aphorism vasudhaiva kutumbkam, “the whole world is a family”. One’s personality becomes complete and one’s development multi-facited.

Tourism fosters mutual association, which makes the personality multidimensional. When we harmonize with different cultures and milieus through tourism,it on one hand affects our personality and likewise our personality affects the culture and milieu. Human unity is implied in this process of mutual effect. Human unity gives a further dimension to knowledge and completes the journey on a healthy scientific path. Looking at human history one finds man gradually freeing himself from the lonely tribal instinct, because he wanted to march ahead in search of something. His contact with new cultures encouraged him and his brutish instinct came to an end. This very instinct took him towards truth and he climbed stairs of civilization in his craving for reaching the ideal. World history proves that roaming tribes ultimately established their skill and superiority. The Aryan in ancient time, the Arabs and the Turks in medieval time and more recently Columbus , Vasco-de-Gama, Sindbad and Al Barouni. They all devoted their lives traveling to quench there curiosity. Their travel and subsequent tales immortalized them. History lauds their Sagas.Numerous roaming tribes have left a deep impression on a great part of world population. Obviously this was because of there roaming tendency. Even now, those who are breaking down the walls of their native place,have gone on to become economically strong. They went to different places to do business or settled down whenever they found a source of livelihood; they did not not stick to there native place. This desire to tour beyond their native place gave them a multidimensional personality and taught them thre art of life.
It is a true that confined water becomes stagnant and polluted; likewise the confined person has a closed mind.
Tourism is actually a culture that frees one from the confines of a narrow mind and provides a wide perspective. Only the open mind can think of flying in the eternal sky. Man as a separate unit has contributed to the present form of society, human behavior and knowledge. The individual is an institution and an independent unit contributing to the development of civilization. Therefore completeness of man is completeness of society and today although divided into different groups, is human society. So we have to maintain constant contact through cultural exchange for our welfare. This is only possible through tourism.
Tourism not only completes our personality but also provides direction to future generation. What we have today was neither in the past nor will it be in the future.
One objective acquaints with many hidden facts. The unending curiosity enriches knowledge and because of beauty of knowledge one’s personality becomes attractive. In civilization process as worldly beauty is created so through medium of environment man moves towards completeness. Going to distant places is certainly an important medium for bringing peoples closer to realize cultural unity of a nation, to remove social ills and to search for new business possibilities. One has correctly put it:
“No gain in confinement
Catch the world coming out.”